Need To Know

You might have heard: Ebola has landed in the United States.

Actually, Ebola came to America for the first time two months ago when Emory Hospital in Atlanta decided to admit an American missionary who had contracted the disease while working in Liberia. Emory has taken in two more patients since then, most recently on Sept. 9.

So why the freakout this time? This is the first time the disease has been diagnosed on US soil. So even though the patient contracted the disease while in Liberia, it wasn’t detected until he fell ill in Texas. It’s reason to be concerned. But the likelihood of Ebola spreading in the United States remains very low.

If anyone is worried about Ebola, they should turn their attention to West Africa, where poor health infrastructure and a lack of medical resources have led to more than 6,500 infections. More than 3,000 have died. You can help doctors and other volunteers fight the outbreak by donating to Doctors Without Borders.

Want To Know

It’s National Day in China and, perhaps more significantly, in Hong Kong. National Day is the celebration of the founding of the Communist Party in 1949.

This National Day is a little awkward in Hong Kong as thousands of demonstrators (who are actually very polite and orderly, for protesters) thronged the city's streets for a fifth straight day. They are calling on the pro-Beijing government of Hong Kong to pass democratic reforms.

In a potentially positive sign, one Hong Kong official told the Wall Street Journal that the administration would be willing to meet with protest leaders. Also, an expected crackdown by security forces never materialized. So there’s hope this may all end peacefully and productively. Maybe.

Strange But True

Mexico’s vigilantes, who have been pretty successfully fighting the country’s drug cartels, have taken to building their own makeshift tanks. And they are amazing. GlobalPost Senior Correspondent Ioan Grillo, who is based in Mexico City, compared the DIY armored trucks to the machines in the 1980s classic "Mad Max."

"The difference is that their real-life homemade tanks have much thicker armor and look even more nuts," he said. You just need to see these pictures.